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Hello, we're the BIG FIVE

We are the digital service and solutions division of the BIG FIVE Group, working with ambitious international companies to boost tech-driven business. We love what we do and have fun doing it. 

We build what's needed to thrive businesses. What's needed is not always what's expected

We are a diverse international team that only works collaborative with brands to solve exciting business challenges. We don’t see ourself as a agency. Rather we define ourselves as a strategic and creative partner that helps ambitious brands to transform for what’s next. Which is the domination of technology in every business operation. 

Our Values


Everybody’s opinion is of equivalent significance at the BIG FIVE and everybody has the chance to develop.


At the BIG FIVE we work in collaborative teams and we respect our fellow colleagues and partners at all times.  


We work with our partners in full transparency because we believe that it’s the key role for successful collaboration.


We know the role of speed to get ideas on the market. It’s the main differentiator for smart companies and brings competitive advantage. 


Co-Creation is the key to success. Therefore we put the right experts in a room and great things happen. 


We always look on problems from different perspectives to understand it at all and to create the needed solution. 

Don't be shy. Let us know something about your ambitions

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