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We master modern media to drive attention to brands and ideas that will be love the world over.

We are modern day creative and media strategists that recognizes digital media trends early and help others understand how these shifts impact markets and consumer behaviour.

Attention from Media is the key role for growth in the decade of modern and social media that impacts billions of people around the world every day. It needs a truly customer-centric storytelling engine to get the audience attention. We lean on the power of all our creative ideas, to find right based on consumer reactions. The result? Powerful creative that works born from the consumer up. We are a modern mix of traditional media strategist of yesterday and internet-centric storytellers who believe a single post on social media can go all the way to reach millions around the world. 


Media & Communication Strategy

Media planning and buying is a blend of strategy, negotiation and ad placement to attract, convert and connect to potential customers and prospects.

Media buying, planning and strategy is a combination of strategies that places the right ads in front of the right audience, at the right time and on the right platform. Imagine your audience on one platform searching for your brand however you are busy hunting for them on another! What media buying does is it puts your brand in front of your audience. Whenever you are hunting for leads, sales, conversions or brand awareness, media planning and buying is a requisite. At every stage of your business, media planning plays a crucial role in helping you tap your audience and hold them till the final conversion stage. In absence, your potential consumers would switch to the competitors.

Media Production

Photography, Film & Animation are visual media that help create and express a brand's personality. It includes multiple aspects like product photography services, screenwriting, storyboarding, set design, etc. which usher thoughtful storytelling.

An image speaks a thousand words. And a moving image conveys countless emotions. Photography, filmmaking and animation give an opportunity to build a strong narrative around and about a brand which can cut through the clutter. The impact created through these media elements is too big to ignore.

Content Marketing

Borrow our brains to understand the always underprice content game

Deep-dive into the current state of consumer attention and immerse your team in emerging areas of culture to gain an in-depth understanding of what it takes to drive relevance in today’s landscape. Become a master of content marketing to dominate your market in the future and trading attention into actual business growth.

Media Campaign

We are focused on business outcomes. Not potential reach.

We’re relentlessly focused on one thing: driving business results for brands. This means having a deep respect and intimate knowledge of channels where consumers are spending their time, and building modern planning, buying and analytics disciplines that drive consumers to act. While the industry has been built on reach and efficiency, we’re upending the model, to understand attention, relevance and results.

Creators & Community

Attention and relevance is created by people that support brands and ideas

The world of advertising shifts into a more authentic and people based direction. To get attention and build relevance in the market it's not enough to run ads on different channels and platforms. The consumers of the future want to build an emotional connection to the brands of the future and want to know the people that are behind. People are buying from people and not from brands. We help brands to master the transformation to build relevance with authenticity.

Building relevance by connecting brands with people.

We put human beings in the forefront of everything we do, ensuring our ideas and plans are culturally rich and consumer-led. We approach procedure with common sense, lowliness and compassion. We accept that brands today can’t depend on a solitary, conventional message served to a mass crowd, the best method for driving importance and development is by talking explicitly and distinctively to individuals in view of what their identity is, by tuning in and understanding.


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