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We guide the future leading enterprises and intellectual property owners in the next iteration of consumer behaviour.

At the BIG FIVE we're not interested in short-term thinking. We believe that the next evolution of enterprises will be based on the blockchain. We're excited to play an active role in creating the future of the internet.

The internet how we know it today is in change and is moving into the next evolution called the “Web 3.0”. As the current status the Web 2.0 is dominated by social connections based on centralized platforms, the next evolution is the opposite. The innovation we are transforming to is based on a decentralized concept where the user get back the full control in everything. This will have the biggest impact on every digital operation since the beginning of the internet. Because everything we know today will be different. Every business need to move into this transformation to be able to attract the changing digital markets and a whole new consumer behaviour. 

Web3 Savanna

Intellectual Property Development

We help future leading enterprises to understand the full potential of NFTs and how to implement them in modern business transformations

The idea of NFTs on the blockchain was invented back in 2014, but it took us unit 2020 to finally see the right timing to start introducing it to the consumers around the world. What most think is related to digital artwork stored as an digital asset on the blockchain is a technology that will revolutionize many market in the coming decade. We help you to understand how NFTs will transform your business and how you can be a early adaptor in your market.

Education & Consulting

We help open minded enterprises to get a better understanding of the coming web 3 transformation

The easiest to understand something new is to get educated about it. We consult you about everything related to the Web 3.0 and work on a concept plan how your web3 transformation could look like.

Web 3.0 Experiences

Connecting the real world with the digital world by creating unique customer experiences

As the world will transform even more digitally within the next decade it is important to understand about the next generation of customer experiences that start way before they even become a client. We help to create these new customer experiences and to implement them int your web 3 transformation process.

Community Transformation

We help to understand the need of an stable community for every future leading enterprise

As the online marketing world is in change brands and businesses needs to understand about the importance of building a stable community. This will help enterprises to become more and more independent from traditional marketing actions and builds a more decentralized way of customer interaction.

Tokenization Implementation

Implementing tokenization innovations into business operations

As the evolution of the internet will be based on the blockchain tokenization will play and fundamental role in this new digital ecosystem. We help you to get an understanding of what this is and help you to tokenize whole business divisions.

Using Innovation for enduring growth

We work collaborative with partners in a range of capacities, across all things Web3. From Digital worlds to DAOs, and beyond. As we’ve seen it many times before it’s always about the early adopters of a new technology that win the game way before the masses jumping on it. Our mission is to help innovative enterprises to move forward, challenging the current status quo to a “Web2.5” status where we use current web technologies and connect them with Web3 innovation to create unique customer experiences. Next we’re about to recognize upcoming trends and help you to master the full transformation into the next evolution of the internet. 


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