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A digital Land Flipping Transformation


Vollmer Real Estate is a start-up based in Florida on a mission to revolutionize the US Real Estate industry by using digital automation processes that are focused in faster and better business outcomes. We had the pleasure of collaborating with Vollmer Real Estate in brand creation, website development and the digital process automation focused on reaching the defined goals.


Vollmer Real Estate


Real Estate


3 Month


Brand, Website, Automation, Custom Development

About the Project

The in 2020 founded Real Estate Investment Start-up Vollmer Real Estate LLC. Is focused on flipping land nation wide in the US. Based on the difficulties of the pandemic lockdowns the customer was searching for a digital solution that helps to build the business even without the possibilities to be in personal contact with prospects and clients. Therefore the BIG FIVE Agency has build a hand-crafted online hub that was designed with the focus to scale a real estate business online.

The website should share the most relevant information for both kind of prospects. The one that want to sell a property and the other side that is interested in buying a new property. Also the whole buying and selling process needs to be managed online without making it even more complex.

Are you interested in joining the BIG FIVE on a adventure through our solution savanna's where our rangers will guide you to solve your biggest business challenges?

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